Chiller arrives


Last week, our (huge) glycol chiller arrived.  You can see it next to our 30bbl fermenter (on its side) to get a sense for how big it is.  This chiller we expect will be able to glycol cool all of the fermenters and brights we will put in the building for many years.  Now we need to figure out if it can live on the roof or needs to be on the ground (due to its weight).

Welcome or should I say Welkom


Welcome to the new Rip Current Brewing web site.   We’ve been hard at work over the last couple months trying to create a site that conveys our values and provides a good forum for us to communicate while we build out the brewery and tasting room.  Keep an eye on the What’s new section and we’ll try to keep you up to date with the latest progress both as pictures and just general thoughts.

I used Welkom because I’m currently in Belgium (specifically Brussels) doing more research on possible beers.   Some say this is the fun part of being a brewer but its just hard work :) .

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