Good news, we found out from our future neighbors who will be making our signs that the city has approved them.  Some time in June, look for us to no longer be known as “YOUR NAME HERE”.   It will be nice to have an identity on the building.  Hopefully the people that leave their cars in our lot every day will realize someone is moving in!

Gentleman start your sledgehammers


Today, May 23rd we finally started the improvements on our space.  We’re doing a number of brewery specific (steam, glycol) and general improvements (moving walls, lighting) to make the space feel more like a brewery/tasting room.  The picture below is pretty exciting to us as its the tear down of the large wall between 2 of our main spaces.  When this wall is gone we’ll have room for our 30′ long cold box to span suites and a path for future fermenter growth.  Of course this is just the first step and we hope their will be a lot more progress over the next couple weeks so stay tuned ….

The boiler has arrived


One of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make so far was steam or direct fire for the brewery.   Depending on who you ask you get different answers on which is best.   After a lot of researching and talking with friends, we opt’ed to take the plunge and go with steam.  Steam offers a number of benefits for our particular brewery including being able to heat with direct steam the mash and hot liquor tank while also boiling.   We hope this will ultimately translate to better beers but time will tell.   Once you decide to go with steam, it introduces the need for a boiler which creates an array of questions about which type to get (high vs low pressure), what BTU input and if low NOx is needed.   All questions every brewer hopes to be solving when opening a brewery (looking forward to just making beer :) ).

Anyway, if your like us you probably have only seen a hand full of boilers and they were always dirty, nasty units off in the corner.  Since we have a pretty new one we thought one of you might like to see it, so here is our boiler…

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