Etched pint glass bottom


If you’d like to see our new “grand opening” pint glasses please take a look at our facebook page.   We plan to keep these grand opening pint glasses special and one of the ways was to include a cool looking hop flower nucleation design on the bottom.   This raised design at the bottom of every “grand opening” pint glass will accentuate the release of CO2 from the beer as its poured into the glass which will carry out the aromatics of the beer for added enjoyment.   Since we plan to have a number of hoppy ales, it seemed natural to go with the hop design.

Taster glasses are in


We thought long and hard about what type of “taster” glass we wanted to have at the brewery.  When we open, this glass will be used for people just wanting to try a smaller pour of one of our beers (sorry no taster platters initially).   We wanted a glass that would really hold the aroma of the beer so you could enjoy it the entire time you are sampling.   Based on our experience with other types of glasses, nothing tops the brandy snifter for aroma retention.  We hope you’ll enjoy our most aromatic and flavorful beers in these 6oz tasters.

The floor is poured


As you can see from our prior posting, we ripped out the floor that will be below the brewhouse and cellar.  Last week, we had our new sloped floor poured.  The floor is sloped approximately 3 degrees to a central drain system.   The sloped drainage system that will drain off any brewery spillage (largely wort, beer and cleaning water) making cleanup easier and more safe.  With our new floors in place, we’re ready to start placing equipment.  If all goes well we should have our brewhouse in place in the next week with the cellar following shortly afterwords.

The floor has to go!


It looks like the serious construction is about to start.   Today we had the brewery floor rip’ed out, so the new floor can be poured with a slope to allow liquid to drain off.   We are doing all of the flooring below the brewhouse and fermentation cellar.   This is a pretty big section almost 45′ long.   The rubble in the front is near the edge of the tasting room and is where the HLT will sit.   Next up is cutting out the concrete for the drain lines and water to the tasting room bar area.   We can hardly wait until our floors are ready since we expect the brewhouse to arrive in the next couple weeks!

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