Brewhouse assembled


Today, we are pleased to report that our 15bbl brew house is now assembled where it will live for many years on our recently sloped floors.  We picked this large window location, so patrons in the tasting room would have a great view of the brew house as well as people driving by on Grand Ave or eastbound 78.   Immediately to the left of the picture is the half wall of the tasting room, showing how close people can get to the brewery.

The next step (which is a big one) is to get the needed utilities to the location for hook-up.  Anyone know a good piping installation company?   We already have electric and water nearby, but our boiler will be 60′ away , so we need to pipe the steam into each kettle with a return to the boiler.  Similar story is true for the glycol piping used to chill the fermenters and the brew house pre-chiller.

Brewhouse tanks arrive


Yesterday, our 15 barrel brew house tanks arrived.  At this point, the tanks are just placed in their approximate long term home but are not installed.  In fact, our sloped floors required some improvement to the feet to allow for the difference in floor height before the tanks could be leveled so this will happen in the next week or so.  This pictures shows the 30 barrel hot liquor tank on its side waiting for placement with the mash tun and boil kettle still on the truck in the background.

Progress on the tasting room


The construction team had a busy week working on the tasting room.   As you can see, we have most of our bar in place including the fancy oak bar facing.  Please don’t think this means our tasting room will be fancy, we just wanted to have a nice, inviting bar.   The opening will be a flip counter top allowing ADA customers a place to drink and when not in use we’ll flip open that section to allow access to the brewery (maybe for tours).  On the right side, you can see a portion of the cold box which will host the kegs on tap.  Notice the window between the back of the bar and the side of the cold room.  We plan to eventually have 20 taps but initially it will be more like 10 coming directly from the cold room (the line beer will stay cold until poured).   If you’d like to see how we’re doing on the cold room check out our facebook page

In the back left corner in front of the windows, you can just make out the dark plastic wrapped 1025 gallon RO tank that we’ll use to collect RO water for brew sessions.   We plan to mix RO water with carbon filtered city water to build the backbone for each style of beer we’ll make.   We hope you’ll be able to taste the difference.

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