Prototype Tap Handles


Over the last few months (yes, that long) we’ve been working with the company making our future tap handles.  After a few iterations, we seem to have it nailed.   We are very excited to see the final tap handles prominently displayed at our local accounts and hope you will easily be able to identify them out of the line-up and of course order one (or more)!

The handles are made from a composite material that we hope will be very durable.  The company does amazing work.  These prototype  handles are hand made and hand painted so each one will have its own unique character :) .   We hope to have enough to sell a small number for use in your tasting room.

You should be able to recognize the rescue buoy used by lifeguards to help save people having trouble going against the flow of the rip currents.  Technically, this buoy is known as a “rescue can” so I guess this is the first Rip Current can (sorry couldn’t resist).   Let us know what you think of it.










The logo close-up really allow you to see the details including the raised portions.

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