Welcome Lupulin Lust IPA!


We’re excited to welcome the addition of our big, hoppy, San Diego-style IPA to the line-up at the tasting room.  This flavorful IPA boasts big lemon, grapefruit and tangerine aromas and flavors with some pine-like notes rounding out the experience.   The background is lightly bread providing support for the massive hopping while the finish is smooth and dry.  Beware of this beer as its 8.2% ABV, but doesn’t taste like it.   Don’t be surprised to see this batch go quickly despite being done on the 15 barrel system.

Super Bowl Sunday


Today, Super Bowl Sunday, we have extended our tasting room hours allowing you to watch the entire game here before we close.  We will have both of our 50″ TVs showing the game in HD, so you won’t miss a snap.  Normally we would close at 5PM, but we know the big game will end later so we’ll stay open until the final whistle.

If your like us, we prefer to snack and sample our favorite beers during the game, so we hope to have those covered for you.  We have Oscars Meat Pie Shack here serving up those amazing meat pies plus we have our full line-up pouring and a very special Oatmeal, Blackstrap Molasses Russian Imperial Stout we’re currently calling the “End of the Season Stout”.  The End of the Season Stout was made on our pilot, small batch system, so its only available for tasters at the brewery.  We plan to put the beer on just before kick-off in hopes it will survive the entire game.

Introducing Tube Rye-der Rye Session IPA


As hinted last week, we now have a new beer pouring at the tasting room called Tube Rye-der Rye Session IPA.   This is the first of our “session IPA” beers we plan to make.  This series provides an IPA-like hop aroma/flavor profile with low alcohol content.   The following is our description of this beer:

Tube Rye-der Rye Session IPA has a complex rye spicy malt character as a foundation where we layer hop aromas and flavors imparting a passion fruit, stone fruit and somewhat grapefruit citrus character. The combination of rye spiciness with these fruity flavors gives your palate a lot of complexity without the high alcohol that prevents some from enjoying multiple pints.

If at any time you’re interested in seeing what beers we are pouring at the tasting room, please go to our web site and select “Our Beers” from the sign and scroll down the page to the tap list.

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