Growler Policy


Happy 4th of July!  Today, we’re announcing our new growler fill policy helping you be more independent on Independence Day :) .  We have received a lot of feedback requesting that we allow fills of blank growlers, so we have decided to relax our current restrictions on the growlers we will fill at our two tasting rooms.   See below for our new growler fill policy:

Recently, the State of California government has issued clarifications to the law restricting what growlers a brewery is allowed to fill.  However, the clarification still imposes a burden on breweries to comply with the law, particularly when filling branded growlers from other breweries.

This policy update relaxes our current policy of only filling Rip Current Brewing branded growlers.  Our primary growler fill goal is to comply with the California laws while also maximizing the integrity (e.g. retention of CO2, protection from sunlight skunking) of our beer when consumed off premises.   We believe our growlers reflect these values, but also want to allow customers with other high-quality growlers meeting these goals to fill them with our beers.

Effective immediately, Rip Current Brewing’s two tasting rooms will begin to fill growlers that meet the following standards:

    • Any clean, functioning Rip Current Brewing branded growler
    • Any clean, functioning, blank [1] stainless steel 1 liter or 2 liter growler
    • Any clean, functioning blank [1] stainless steel 32 oz or 64 oz growler [2]


Note that this change does not allow filling of growlers with any markings from other breweries even if they are covered over by stickers or other methods.  Also, we will only fill stainless steel growlers and not glass.

[1] – Blank means completely free of any markings on the exterior of the growler besides the brand of the growler manufacturer.

[2] – We price growler fills by liters. Non-metric growlers will be filled at the same price as the closest liter volume.  Specifically, 32oz is priced as 1 liter and 64oz is 2 liters.

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