Welcome to Rip Current Brewing


Definition: Rip Current

  1. Noun. A strong usually narrow surface current flowing outward from a shore that results from the return flow of waves and wind-driven water
  2. Noun. Brewery making assertive, flavorful beer styles that go against the flow of the industry

At Rip Current Brewing we are going against the flow in the brewing industry by focusing on robust, flavorful beer styles from around the world. While the tidal wave of beers in the marketplace are lightly bready and largely tasteless lagers, we are creating a rip current by brewing beers that go against the tide engaging your palate with rich malty, big hoppy, sweet fruity and even some barrel-aged and sour style beers. Our goal is to give you the broadest variety of styles at our tasting room and let you tell us what you prefer.

Go against the flow and drink flavorful craft beers!


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