Our Beers


At Rip Current, we feel strongly that consumers deserve a wide choice of styles so they can decide what styles best appeal to their palates. Therefore, we will offer bold, uncompromising beers with flavorful expressions of many of the world’s top styles. We don’t plan on brewing just one or two flagship beers. Instead, we are going to focus on variety over volume and look to you, our customers, to tell us with your buying habits what beers and styles you like the most. Fortunately, we are opening with a recipe book containing a broad range of award winning beers, so the following tables summarize some of our initial thoughts for styles for your consideration. Click on the surfboard’s beer category list below to view some of the styles we plan to brew and to see what is currently pouring at the tasting room.

Now On Tap

The following beers are on tap at our San Marcos tasting room:
Name Description
Boysenberry Tart

Our Boysenberry Tart is one of our series of lactic tart sour beers we produce. This tart is 4.8% ABV and has a rich, full berry character from the extensive use of Boysenberries during fermentation. Below the berry fruity character is a crisp lactic (yogurt-like) sourness that helps brighten the fruit flavor and gives a complex experience for your palate.

Pearling Pale Ale

This west coast-style pale ale uses two very popular proprietary (so hard to obtain) hops from the Pacific Northwest: Mosaic and Amarillo. Both of these great hops impart a nice fruity character with some pine-like notes as well in the aroma and flavor. Just to amp it up a bit more, we dry hopped the beer with even more of these great hops. The mid-palate is smooth and fruity leading to a dry finish with light bitterness to balance the sweetness of the base malts.

Orange Honey Cream Ale

This blonde Cream Ale is fermented with a high quality Orange Blossom honey and aged on sweet Orange peels. The resulting session ale has a bright aroma and flavor featuring the sweetness from honey melded with Orange/Tangerine fruit character. The mid-palate is bready leading to a very dry finish that is refreshing inviting you to have another.

Delaminator Doppelbock

This 8% traditional German-style doppelbock offers complex toasty, dark bready malt character. We’ve adjusted the water to make this a smooth malty beer finish clear without significant dark-malt acrid character.

Break Line Traditional Bock

This 6.7% traditional German-style Bock features big toasty, dark bready malt character with just a hint of bitterness to balance. The mid-palate is malty without being overly sweet and leads to a clean finish without significant bitterness or astringency. Our water treatments help keep the malt flavors smooth and soft like enjoying a Bock in Germany. We're stoked that this beer took the Gold Medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival!

Bodysurfing Belgian-style Blonde

This 7% ABV Belgian-style Blonde is (as expected) blonde in color and features a nice balance of fruity (citrus-like) and spicy (black pepper) flavors from the yeast with a soft bready background. The finish is fairly dry and crisp allowing for easy enjoyment of a pint. However, beware that this is a 7% beer so is not low ABV like an American Blonde so please be aware of this when ordering!

High Surf Helles

This 5.2% German style blonde lager has a lightly bready/malty flavor profile that is sure to appeal to many lager drinkers. It has a nice refreshing malt character comes without being sweet. Our Helles’s finish is semi-dry, crisp and very clean (no yeast character) inviting another sample

In The Curl Imperial IPA

This 10.3% Imperial IPA is blonde in color and features strong citrus, passion and tropical fruits with a touch of pine-like flavors and aromas. The mid-palate is smooth and lightly bread leading to a very dry, bitter and lightly warming finish. In The Curl is our "big" IIPA appealing to the true hop lovers.

Java Storm Coffee Imperial Porter

This 10% ABV Imperial Coffee Porter is the base beer we used when making Vanilla Storm. We really like the big Kona and Sumatra coffee flavors of this beer and want to give you the opportunity to try it along side Vanilla Storm. We picked our coffee blend to provide a rich, complex, dessert-like flavor profile that complements the base Imperial Porter. We used a technique known as "cold steeping" to bring out the coffee flavors without introducing burnt, acrid or heavy roast flavors common in other coffee beers. The beer leads with coffee (of course), toffee, chocolate and some spiciness. The mid-palate is sweet with chocolate notes (partially from the coffee and dark malts). The finish is dry, smooth and somewhat roasty with minimal alcohol warming.

Palomar Chocolate Porter

This beer is based upon our 6.9%, Palomar Porter. For this limited release beer, we age a portion of our Robust Porter on cocoa beans. This imparts an enjoyable medium/dark chocolate flavor that nicely complements the dark bready, toffee and coffee-like flavors of the Porter. The result is a smooth, sweet dessert-like beer that isn't overly filling, so you can enjoy an entire pint.

Marine Layer German-style Hefeweizen

This beer highlights the balance of banana and clove-like flavors created by using traditional German Hefeweizen yeast. The background is bread-like (wheat bread of course) with some toast-like flavors. As you would expect of a German Hefeweizen, Marine Layer is served cloudy. This adds to the mouthfeel and flavors, due to the remaining residual yeast and wheat starches. Another one of our great summer day beers!

Rescue Buoy Russian Imperial Stout

An 11.2%, massive Russian Imperial Stout! It offers complex, rich dark bread, fruits (plum, fig, raisin) and dark sugar-like flavors. The mid-palate is soft and malty sweet, leading to a roasty finish. Somewhat bitter and slightly warming, reminding you the size of the beer. We've added oats to the beer to give it body, and used molasses, honey, and dark sugars to give it more complexity.

Hazardous Hazelnut Porter

Hazardous Hazelnut Porter is a big (6.9%), bold, dark, bready porter will hazardous levels of Hazelnut flavors and aroma. This beer is based on our Palomar Porter aged on Chocolate nibs to provide some background sweetness. On top of this base, we add the Hazelnut flavors leading to a rich complex porter that will appeal to those Hazelnut lovers.

Rotating Double Overhead (pilot) batch

This beer tap handle will rotate often. These are small batch experimental beers in less common styles, or using ingredients more difficult for us to source. We hope you enjoy them and encourage you to let us know if you would like to see particular beers made again!

Lupulin Lust Double IPA

9% San Diego-style Double India Pale Ale (IPA) features complex grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and floral character in the aroma and flavor profile. The West Coast hop character is supported by a soft, lightly bready mid-palate and a clean, bitter, dry finish. Beware, this beer is very drinkable (alcohol is well hidden), and the smooth hoppy finish invites you to order several.

Barrier Reef Nut Brown

5% Northern English Brown "nut brown" style beer which features a rich, dark bready, biscuity base with noticeable toffee, nut-like and a hints of coffee and chocolate flavors. We use our water system to give this beer a soft malty character on the finish so its easy to enjoy multiple pints.

Dangerous Undertow Belgian Dark Strong

This monster beer is 11% ABV but doesn't always show its strength until its too late. The flavor profile features rich dark fruits and breads melded with some light fruity esters from the yeast and a hint of spice at the finish. Our water modifications make the mid palate very smooth and malty and the finish is soft and clean.